How to Decorate Luxuriously on a Tight Budget


When your tastes are luxurious but your budget is tight, can you create a home or modern apartment that embraces it all? With these tips you can!
First, start with pillows, but not just any pillow. Use large pillow covers stuffed with slightly larger pillows to make them full and luxurious. Then, move on to the hardware. Door and cabinet knobs with a vintage chic flair will instantly upgrade the space. Add lighting with a little personality by upgrading a flea-market find, then place flowers or live plants strategically through the space. Raise the height of your curtain rods in your apartment home to make the ceiling look higher, and invest in quality hanging curtains. Finally, make sure you keep your space clean and tidy, as a clean place looks far more attractive and luxurious than a cluttered one.
It’s not hard, or expensive, to enjoy a luxurious look. Just embrace these tips to upgrade your space quickly and affordably.


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