Top 4 Things To Do this Winter in North Charleston, SC


After the holiday hustle and bustle dies down and life returns to a predictable level of excitement, you may find yourself itching for something to do. In North Charleston, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained and Link Apartments Mixson puts you near it all. Here are some of the best things to do in North Charleston as 2018 comes.

1) Frederick Douglass – No Turning Back
On Thursday, February 22, head to the Montague Terrace in the North Charleston Coliseum to see Frederick Douglass – No Turning Back, a one-act show that highlights the relationship between Frederick Douglass and Reverend Brewster and their fight against slavery. Along with the show, you can enjoy a stuffed chicken meal complete with salad and sides and caramel fudge pecan cake. The theater experience inside the historic building makes it even more engaging.
2) Kings of Pop at North Charleston POPS!
Head to North Charleston POPS! at the North Charleston Coliseum Complex to hear the works of Michael Jackson, starting with his early days with the Jackson 5, all the way to his later works. Then hear selections from Prince as well. All selections are performed by Gavin Hope, who has dance and comedy skills as well as a breathtaking voice.
3) Visit the City Gallery
The New Year is a great time to plan a visit to the North Charleston City Gallery. Here works from local and international artists are showcased in rotating exhibits that are always fresh and engaging. If you visit after the holiday season, the crowds will be lower but the artwork still inspiring.
4) Visit the Wescott Golf Club
If you love to golf but hate the summer crowds, consider visiting the Wescott Golf Club just after the new year. Set amongst the historic plantations that make North Charleston so picturesque, the Wescott Golf Club offers 27 holes that are open all year long.
As you can see, there’s always something fun to do in North Charleston. Pick one of the items on this list, and make 2018 the year you get to know your city a little better.


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